• University Of Manchester 2015

    MSc. Advanced Computer Science And Information Technology Management

    MSc Dissertation in “Evaluation Strategies for Genome Sequencing Laboratories in National Health Service (NHS)”.

    Modules taken:

    Information and Knowledge Management (BMAN 71652).

    IS Strategy & Enterprise Systems (BMAN 60111).

    Introduction to Health Informatics (COMP 60542).

    Decision Behaviour, Analysis and Support (BMAN 73271).

    IT Governance (COMP 60721).

  • Graduate from National Institute of Information Technology 2013

    GNIIT Software Engineering

    Project : Social Networking website using Oracle 10g as backend and J2EE with MVC architecture.

    Semester 1:C# Programming and Microsoft SQL.

    Semester 2: Mobile Development.

    Semester 3: Java and Oracle Database.

    Semester 4: J2EE and EJB.

  • Indian Academy Degree College 2011

    BCA Bachelor Of Computer Application

    Project : Hospital Management using SQL 2008 as backend and Visual Studio 2010 as frontend using C#.

    Semester1: Computer Fundamentals, C Programming and Electronic.

    Semester 2: Database Management and C++ Programming.

    Semester 3: Data Structures Using C and Operating System.

    Semester 4: Data Communications And Networks, Visual Basic Programming and Unix Programming.

    Semester 5: Java Programming, Software Engineering and Computer Architecture.

    Semester 6: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, System Programming, Computer Graphics and Web Programming.

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